Are you struggling to handle the administrative role of your business?

How much more could you accomplish with someone else to complete administrative tasks for you? You don’t have to do it alone.
I specialize in administrative support services and help entrepreneurs just like you grow your business.
Your Needs
As a busy business owner, there’s no end to your to-do list. From bookkeeping, and invoicing, to project management, to email management, and scheduling, not to mention research, website updates, and blog management… the list goes on and on!
Are all of these administrative tasks really the best use of your time? If you weren’t bogged down by all of these necessary but time-consuming tasks, just think of how much more time and energy you could put towards what’s really important—growing your business.
The Solution
Partner with me and I’ll ensure that your administration needs are met. I’m committed to making your life easier with my outsourcing services and professional business consulting. I can take care of your accounting and payroll, administrative functions, cloud-based services, customer service, communications, and a whole lot more.
You need someone who can take responsibility and I’m that person. I own my challenges, meet deadlines, and provide all-inclusive, comprehensive solutions that will alleviate the inefficiency and lost time that all business owners face. I’ll listen to your needs, meet and exceed your expectations, and help to motivate your business development and growth.


I deliver results and believe in reliability, consistency, and quality. My services include, but are not limited to:

Outsourced Bookkeeping

Let me look after the numbers

Bookkeeping In-a-Box

Payroll In-a-Box

Quickbooks Online Setup

Xero Online Setup

Customer Invoicing (cloud-based)

Government filing


Let me look after organizing the business

Internet Research

Email Management

Calendar Management

Data Curation (Google Suite & Microsoft Office)

Database Building & Management

Customer Service

E Business Management

Let me look after the cloud-based services

Project / Task Management

WordPress Design & Setup

WordPress Maintenance

Blog Management

Social Media Management

I’m dedicated to helping to free up your valuable time, empowering you to focus on what you do best.

Veronica Glac

My name is Veronica and I’m the owner of Milky Way Virtual Services. I believe that in order to run a profitable and successful business, you need the support of a resourceful and flexible online business consultant.

Before starting my virtual journey, I thrived in a number of successful management positions at well-known companies including PepsiCo, PwC, and Tyco Toys. In November 2015, I embarked into the virtual world and have since partnered with start-ups. I’m hired to keep an eye on the big picture and manage all of the components of the business (projects, team members, operations, expenses, and recruiting). My fundamental role is to provide confidential, executive-level business support to each business owner.

My diverse experience has empowered me to manage multifaceted business environments. I’m a proactive person who believes in continuous development so that I can stay current in a variety of industries.

I believe that in order to advance in a business, innovative thinking, adaptability, and attention to detail are vital. The bottom line? I enjoy helping others, am resourceful at getting things done, and know a trick or two when it comes to prioritizing tasks and maximizing time.

Ownership: I own my challenges and provide all-inclusive, comprehensive solutions.

Connection: I listen to my customers, vendors, and partners. I recognize their needs.

Work/life balance: I believe in the flexibility of a workplace that allows both my clients and myself to spend quality time with family.

Integrity: I respect my commitments with integrity and go above and beyond to do what is right.


I highly recommend working with Veronica. She's professional, organized, knowledgeable and always acted with my best interest in mind. Her expertise helped me figure out a system for managing my small business finances that worked for me. I’d highly recommend Veronica to anyone looking for a dependable and highly professional Assistant or Bookkeeper.
Marcel Petitpas

Marcel Petitpas

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach.

Veronica at Milky Way VAS is terrific. Her most significant attribute is caring, as evidenced by high quality, professional services. I am pleased to be working with her these past two years, and I can recommend her to any serious-minded business professional needing reliable and consistent work. Veronica is an expert.
Perry Caplan

Perry Caplan

Owner, Ship Customer Direct


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I’d like the opportunity to learn more about you and your business. Lets work together.
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